Nonku Phiri, Malcolm Jiyane & Jumping Back Slash / Kadilida & Jay Mitta / Siya Makuzeni / Loving Parents / MduScabha & Senarh Okhwezelayo / Mamthug / iamsiwas 

Fri 24 November • Doors 7pm • Untitled Basement

Nonku Phiri

Malcolm Jiyane

Siya Makuzeni

Jay Mitta

One of the key producers behind Sisso studios, Jay Mitta has a unique take on singeli by combining it with hip hop influences. In Dar-Es-Salaam he is considered as one of the main characters to go to for singeli productions. His debut LP, Tatizo Pesa was released on 2019 by Nyege Nyege Tapes. His frenetic music and dj-sets are intensified on stage by the badass female MC


Loving Parents

Across a selection of song put together by drum heavy breaks and unending, unpredictable progressions, Loving Parents (Naledi Chai) co-founder of archiving collective, Fly Machines Sessions through a myriad discipline, is an artist, maker, sculptor and novice who explores and expresses an obscure trajectory when speaking to and through traditional dance culture and club music from her lived experiences and fantasies alike. She embraces sonic tones that are clangy and chorus rich with beckoning and heterogeneous evolutions, random thumps and coils that pay homage in ode to early Hungarian and Senegalese cinema, rap, church and the essence of congregation as a show of resistance, nihilism, pleasure, experimentation, Malombo, triumph, hedonism, black joy and dance as praise through the lens and lengths of time and space.  With access to Fly Machine’s noteworthy and rare collection of Sub-Saharan African music archive spanning multitude eras, I seek to merge the aural ideas of apartheid South Africa’s pre-tech postindustrial electronic black music with the sonic sensibilities of the current post liberation imagination across the formats.

@cu_xtremes (personal account)

Mdu Scabha