Victor Gama / Stefan Poetzsch, Bettina Essaka, Aaron Bebe Sukura, David Odoom & more / Micca Manganye

Sun 26 November • 2pm • The Centre of the Less Good Idea

Taking the form of an experimental concert, Notes on What Lies Ahead is a collection of collaborative performances featuring local and international musicians, as well as Centre artists. Opening the programme is Victor Gama, composer and designer of contemporary musical instruments. Gama presents tectonik: Tombwa a multimedia performance featuring pieces for the Acrux and Toha instruments from his INSTRMNTS series, and visuals from his field recording project in the Namib desert. Following Gama’s performance is a collaboration between musician and composer Stefan Poetzsch (Violin) and choreographer Bettina Essaka. Forming part of this collaboration are dancers Lulu Mlangeni, Julia Burnham, and Muzi Shili, and musicians Micca Manganye (percussion), Aaron Bebe Sukura (Gyil) and David Odoom (Drums). This 30-minute collaboration is made up of a series of shorter, experimental sections.